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Colorado Tragedy: A Day For Hugs

The shootings that happened in Aurora, Colorado were horrific. This event left our staff and volunteers feeling the same as many across the United States. We ask ourselves, “How can something like this Happen?” but have no real answers….just the feeling of shock and disbelief. Our hearts go out to all affected by this senseless tragedy. Colorado has endured so much recently, and this incident only halted the healing process that had started after the fires.

Our volunteers in Colorado – after putting in many hard hours for the recent fires – are in Aurora, providing warm hugs, shoulders to cry on, and emotional support for all affected. This isn’t a “natural disaster” but it is a disaster nonetheless, and we’ve promised to be there for incidents just like this.

So today, while we’re giving hugs and drying tears, we hope that you’ll do the same. Whether it’s to your friends and family, or just a virtual hug to those in need of one. It’s days like this that bring us together and make us grateful for those around us.

Hugs to you, friends.