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Feats of Red Cross

This past weekend I couldn’t help but notice there were some impressive feats taking place.

For one, a space shuttle drove through Los Angeles. Feat!

Then, a man named Felix jumped from the edge of space to the ground and survived. Feat!

That got me to thinking, I know about feats of strength mythological, World of Warcraft, and Festivus, but what are the Feats of the Red Cross?

I think they’re probably a little different for everyone. For me, I measure my feats of Red Cross by my certification cards. I’ve got one for CPR/AED (feat!), I’ve got my blood donor card (feat!), I’ve got my volunteer card (feat!), got my babysitter card (25 years ago feat!), my swimming cards for every level we offer (25 years ago feat!), I even have a challenge coin for being part of the Advanced Public Affairs team (feat!).

A brand new way to accomplish feats of the Red Cross is via our apps. Each one challenges you to achieve feats of knowledge about first aid, hurricanes, and earthquakes, and you can earn badges for accomplishing them.

Which feats of the Red Cross have you achieved? Which ones are you currently working towards? 

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