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Some Beats to Beat the Heat

Update: when you walked outside the liquid that started dripping down your face is not water, it’s sweat. And no, it’s not just you, it is really that hot outside. Around the country temperatures are rising to potentially dangerous levels. To help you make it through the heat, here are five songs that just get that “I’m slowly melting” feeling you are currently experiencing.

1. This is Why I’m Hot – Mims

While Mims is hot because he’s so fly, you’re probably burning up because of the rise in the heat index. A heat wave is hitting the Mid-Atlantic and New England states this week, resulting in the heat index rising as high as 101 degrees. In the Eastern US, heat waves often occur because a high pressure system originating in the Gulf of Mexico becomes immobile off the Eastern seaboard.

2. Hot, Hot, Hot – Buster Poindexter

Based on the number of times Buster says ‘hot’ in this song (I counted over 60) I would say he is feeling the heat. Good ol’ Buster would probably feel a little cooler if he changed out of that suit and into some loose-fitting and light weight clothing. Additionally Buster (and you) should really avoid dark colored clothing. Good news Mr. Poindexter, I hear all white suits are in right now.

3.  Hot in Herre – Nelly

Nelly is so hot that he doesn’t even want to change clothes, he just wants to get rid of them. In order to avoid trouble with your local police for lewd behavior, you should keep your clothes on and instead make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. But, be sure to avoid alcohol and caffeine as they will dehydrate you.

4. Cruel Summer – Bananarama

These ladies have it right, this heat wave is feeling especially cruel.  According to the lyrics, Bananrama is all alone, as her friends have all left town, which in this type of heat is definitely a no-no. In such extreme temperatures, you should always make sure to check on family and friends who either don’t have air conditioning or spend time alone.

5. Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

While Adele is setting things on fire, this is actually the opposite of what you should do. If it rains, I suggest that instead of flicking on a lighter, you go out and celebrate the end of this dreadful heat wave.  Hopefully some rain will break this heat wave soon, but until then you should (as much as possible) postpone outdoor games and activities until it has cooled down.

For more information on what to do in a heat wave, click here.