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Heat Wave Safety Tips

This week’s heat wave is heating up (pun intended) to be brutal. Make sure that you and your family stay safe by following these tips from the Red Cross:

1. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. Sports drinks are also good for replenishing electrolytes. However, alcohol and caffeine are a no-no as they will make you dehydrated


2. While staying hydrated is incredibly important, you have to remember to eat as well. In such extreme temperatures, it is best to eat smaller, more frequent meals.

3. Don’t forget your pets! Be sure to check on your pets frequently and bring them fresh drinking water. Additionally, never leave your pets alone in an enclosed vehicle when temperatures are this high.


4. Be sure to listen to check with local authorities or the National Weather Service to be advised of any changes to the weather.

5. In such hot temperatures, you should try to avoid being outside as much as possible. Avoid going outdoors during the middle (hottest) part of the day. Try to find ways to be entertained indoors – board games are always a good choice!