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Hurricane App Celebrates 1 Year Launch Anniversary

One year ago today the American Red Cross launched its second app. The Hurricane app has been incredibly successful with more than 860,000 downloads (that’s almost 2,400 downloads per day!). To date, the Red Cross has released 7 apps, all of which work towards the mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering.

I could drone on and on about how great the Hurricane app is (because it is) and how it has the potential to save lives (because it does). But, then I realized that I am really not the best person to speak to the qualities of the app. I have lived in New England all my life and have never experienced a hurricane (fortunately Hurricane Sandy missed me). Furthermore, while I have the hurricane app on my phone I have never been in an area that has received any alerts. I needed to find some people who had used the app and were affected by it. So, I turned to the iTunes store and searched through the scores of reviews. Here are some of the comments I found:

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 Want to download the Hurricane App for yourself? It is available in the iTunes or Google Play app stores – and it’s free!

To learn more about the American Red Cross apps, go here.