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12 Years Later: Remembering the Red Cross Response to 9/11

When the unspeakable happened 12 years ago today, the Red Cross was there in the immediate aftermath, and the years to follow. Immediately, the Red Cross:

  • Activated 6,000 Red Cross volunteers
  • Opened 13 Red Cross shelter
  • Sent Disaster Mental Health workers to shelters, crash sites, airports and hospitals
  • Set up a mental health hotline
  • Opened Respite Centers for firefighters, police officers, port authority workers and others
  • Received 1 million calls on the Blood Donation line (the previous record in one day was 3,000 calls)
  • Every chapter in the nation supported stranded passengers at airports as air space was shut down
  • Launched the Family Registration Web, a predecessor to today’s redcross.org/safeandwell
  • Sent teams of Red Cross workers door-to-door in the Restricted Zone for families who had chosen to stay
  • After one year, the Red Cross had served 14 million meals for disaster workers and victims, mental health services for more than 237,000 people, and health services for 131,000 people.
  • And much  more.

The Greater New York Red Cross has put together a YouTube playlist of Red Crossers remembering that day, including this video about all the spontaneous volunteers who showed up to help out where they could:

Today, we remember with you. Tweet using #redcross and one of the trending 9/11 hashtags, and you may see your post here:





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  1. I am a retired ARC SMF case worker. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. Many of my Disaster Services friends were sent to NYC. So many were deeply affected by what they saw, and heard. What a sad day for ALL! I am so proud of my friends and the job they did.

  2. I was a volunteer driver for the Red Cross that entire week. Shuttling workers from the midtown hotels down to Ground Zero. Never saw people come together like that, I recall kitchen workers who had come up from the Southern Baptist Convention among others. It was a tough time, living in the West Village looking out at a big empty skyline where majestic towers once stood. God bless all those who helped and those families who lost loved ones that day.