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World AIDS Day: Uniting in the Fight Against HIV

Editor’s Note: Sasha Poll is a Program Officer for the American Red Cross, where she covers projects related to southeast Asia.

All around the globe, people are taking a stand against HIV/AIDS. They’re raising awareness about the virus, fighting against its stigma, and finding ways to prevent its spread. The American Red Cross has been doing its part to care for people living with HIV and their family members in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.

Leading up to World AIDS Day on December 1st, I want to give you a glimpse into the global Red Cross network’s HIV/AIDS program in Vietnam. Alongside community members and local organizations, we support people affected by HIV and aim to protect future generations against spread of HIV. Here are just a few ways we help:

Aid Day 1
We offer a tailoring income generation model for people living with HIV in Hai Phong. This support group helps individuals to get back on their feet and provide for their families. Photo: Pham Thi Minh/American Red Cross

Aids day 2

Participants at last year’s World AIDS Day event in Vietnam show their support for people living with HIV. The Red Cross works with youth to raise awareness about how to prevent the spread of HIV. These programs also reduce stigmatization in the community. Photo: Pham Thi Minh/ American Red Cross

aids day 3
In many countries, people living with HIV face discrimination. We host support groups, like this one in Thai Nguyen, for families of people living with HIV. This type of psychological support reduces stigmatization and increases understanding in the community. Photo: Pham Thi Minh/American Red Cross

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