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You Never Know…


Many of us who have taken a Red Cross CPR/First Aid class always hope we never have to put our training to work. If we do, it usually means something bad just happened.

According to a Red Cross survey, 1 in 4 Americans have been in a situation where someone needed CPR. If there’s approximately 317 million people in the U.S. that’s a LOT of people who have witnessed a potentially life-threatening situation.

Such a situation unfolded yesterday on the side of a highway in Florida…Pamela Rauseo’s nephew Sebastian suddenly stopped breathing while he was in his car seat…and they were in the middle of a traffic jam.

Emergency situations like this rarely give you warning that they’re about to happen or happen somewhere where you can get immediate help. However, being trained in First Aid and CPR can greatly help you respond to the situation, which in turn, gives the person being helped a much better chance of surviving. Thankfully, Pamela jumped into action, called for help, and CPR was being performed shortly thereafter. The latest reports indicate that Sebastian is in stable condition.

We wish Pamela’s family all the best, and would like to encourage you to consider taking a Red Cross CPR course – you never know who’s life you may have to save, or where you will have to save it, but having the skills and knowledge of how to respond will help you feel much better equipped to help.

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