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Spotlight on National Nurses Week

Across the United States and even across the world, American Red Cross volunteer nurses are an integral and celebrated component of Red Cross operations. National Nurses Week is a perfect time to recognize some unique nursing roles with the Red Cross.

Landstuhl nurseTake Michelle Livingston, Daphne Blask and Lauren Purtell. They all moved to Germany as military spouses, discovering upon arrival continuing their nursing careers as normal wouldn’t be an option.

“When people suggested that I start volunteering through the Red Cross at the hospital, I thought it would be a great opportunity to help serve and get the experience I needed to be hired,” said Purtell. “Never in my life would I have guessed how challenging and rewarding being a Red Cross volunteer nurse would be.”

Read their inspirational stories on redcross.org (Part 1 and Part 2).


Tina Trotta is a testament to passing the baton. She recognized her calling, recognized a role model and recognized an opportunity to turn gratitude into action. Trotta spent 20 years in sales before making a career switch to nursing. When she first started out, her Red Cross nurse assistant trainer was so inspiring that Trotta continued her education to become an RN. She now teaches a Red Cross Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course of her own in Florida. Her unique blend of career experiences in various fields feeds into her success as an instructor, and she makes sure to tell her story to each group she teaches. Trotta explains that if the nursing piece is within their scope and their desire, she wants to encourage any student that comes through her CNA classes to keep going.

Find out how nurses contribute to the Red Cross, see Red Cross nurses in action and learn more on redcross.org.