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Around the Water Cooler

Things that are happening around the Red Cross


Bangladesh: School kids ready to save lives

When earthquakes, floods and other local hazards strike, young people are the most vulnerable to injury and death, especially because of structural instability of buildings. The American Red Cross and the Bangladesh Red Crescent work together to improve school safety for more than 20,000 students through actions like securing bookcases to walls so they don’t fall over, identifying emergency exits, and teaching first aid.

Red Cross Gives More than $1 Million to “Silent” Disasters

Every year millions of people around the globe are affected by natural disasters, conflict and health emergencies. Some of these disasters aren’t covered as heavily in the media as others, but that doesn’t mean that the Red Cross isn’t there caring for people in need. Since March of 2014, the American Red Cross has contributed more than$1 million to these “silent” disasters—helping provide shelter, clean water, cash grants, basic household items, and education on disease prevention.


Hurricane Season Has Arrived – Are You Ready?

Hurricane season has arrived and the American Red Cross wants to ensure you and your loved ones are prepared. The Atlantic Caribbean Hurricane Season runs June 1 through November 30.

Rip Currents Challenge Ocean Swimmers

Many of us are packing our bathing suits and heading to the beach for some fun in the sun. However, rip currents are posing a challenge for swimmers. The American Red Cross has some steps you can take to be safe and enjoy your trip to the shore.


Red Cross Responds to Wildfires, Tornado

The American Red Cross is helping people in Alaska and California impacted by wildfires and those affected by a tornado that touched down Monday in North Dakota.