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National Running Day!

In honor of National Running Day, I wanted to take the opportunity to blend my Red Cross knowledge and love of running into an exciting blog post to honor one of my favorite unofficial holidays.

I try to run every year on National Running Day – it’s a day to reflect on a sport that has consumed so much of my life, but given me so much in return. While I’ve been running consistently since 2007, I’ve learned a few safety tips. Now, while the Red Cross does not offer official “running safety and preparedness” courses, I’d like to think I can offer some insight from my experiences.

Tip #1 – Wear BRIGHT Colors
I’ve never understood runners who wear all black. Yes, black is very slimming, but if you’re running at night, or at the dusk/dawn hours, black is a very dangerous color. Here are a few of my favorite running outfits – notice how BRIGHT they are??


bright jacket

bright shorts

Tip #2 – Run with a Buddy

There’s nothing worse than getting lost on a run, or just being out by yourself. Having a friend along can really help if anything happens (I once had hypothermia and had to be walked to a med tent). Look, my friends are even wearing bright colors!


Tip #3 – If Running Solo – Tell a Friend
When training for a marathon, it’s hard to find someone to go log 20 miles with me. So I’ll pre-map my route, leave it with my husband, and tell his to reverse drive the route if I’m not back by a certain time. There’s certainly some room for improvement here, but I never run with a phone.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.19.37 PM

Tip #4 – Have a Designated Meeting Spot After Races
The end of a race can be hectic – there’s lot of people, things, and frankly, running is tiring, so trying to find someone in a crowd is worse than reading “Where’s Waldo?” while tired. Have a pre-designated meeting spot – like a specific street corner, building, etc. and make sure that’s where you meet after a race. It’s far less stressful than trying to weave through a crowd to find a friend.


Tip #5 – Have Fun
There are a ton of safety tips available to you in addition to the simple things listed here. But at the end of the day, be sure you’re enjoying your run. Here are a few more running tips for you to review before you head out for your next run.

Happy National Running Day!

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