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2015 Resolutions: 3 Ideas from the Red Cross

With the new year, comes a new you! But for many of us, New Year’s resolutions don’t always pan out.  We try to lose weight, get to the gym more or even take up a hobby. But the changes become overwhelming by day 3 (or is that just me?).

If you’re looking for new resolutions, or just something different for 2015, what about a resolution to pay it forward? We have plenty of ideas of how you can help someone else, including a chance to roll up a sleeve.

Here are three things you can do to help your fellow human this year:

1. Volunteer 

Colorado Wildfires 2012

Here’s a crazy fact: Volunteers constitute 90% of the total American Red Cross workforce to carry out our humanitarian work. There are tons of different ways to volunteer with your local Red Cross chapter. Find out what fits you best.

2. Save a Life

CPR/AED First Aid Class

We’ve all been in a situation where someone has needed first aid or CPR (or at least a close call). Brush up on your CPR and first aid skills in 2015, or take a class for the very first time! You can see when the next class is available by visiting our class finder page.

3. Give Blood. 


This is a 3-for-1 deal: Every time you donate blood, you could help save up to 3 lives. Blood can be safely donated every 56 days and platelets can be given every seven days – up to 24 times a year. Start getting those appointments on your calendar, and pay it forward in 2015.


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