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Three Women Thank Anonymous Blood Donors for Saving Their Lives

We love receiving blood donation recipient stories through social media. Three women recently reached out to tell us just how much blood donors mean to them. Their comments below show the real impact that your donation can have on others.

Kelly McLean

“I lost my leg to cancer in 2007. During two separate surgeries I was given around 62 units of blood if not more. I’m only alive because of God, doctors, and last but not least blood donors. I’m living proof that you all save lives! You’re all heroes in my eyes. I can never thank you enough. Because of you I’ve spent many holidays with my family. I’ve gotten to watch my nieces and nephews grow. I’ve gotten to see my oldest nephew have a baby of his own. Thank you for saving my life.”


Tanya Marie

Thank you to everyone who has and will donate. People like you save lives. I’m one of those lives saved. I’ve received 10 blood transfusions within a year, until I was physically stable enough to undergo a life saving surgery. If it wasn’t for my donors, I wouldn’t have survived to make it into surgery. My blood count is finally going up and I am enjoying every moment of life with my children. I look forward to the time I am able to donate and help give back. Thank you.”


Courtney Heath Reinhart

Thank you to the Red Cross and everyone who donates. I used to donate all the time. I hemorrhaged during the delivery of my second child and required blood transfusions and then I hemorrhaged again a week later and required emergency surgery and more transfusions. I’ve been anemic ever since and I haven’t been able to donate. Please donate! I’m here to parent my babies because amazing people donated! Thank you!!!”

Have you, or someone in your life, been affected by generous blood donations? Share your story in the comments below.

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Currently, the Red Cross has an emergency need for blood and platelet donations. To schedule an appointment to give, eligible donors can use the Red Cross Blood Donation App, visit www.redcrossblood.org or call 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767).

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  1. Beautiful <3's. Thank you for sharing. 11 years ago my Leg was saved by an Anonymous Blood Donor during emergency surgery After a Sports accident. I've since became a volunteer as well as a Blood donor. I will be giving Blood tomorrow. It's a Huge Blessing to be healed and Healthy .Therefore I give Blood. It's a honor to give back and save lives. . Call 1800 GIVE LIFE and see. #ChooseYourDaylb