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Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Have you exhausted your creative resources to find the perfect gift for your parent? Stumped on what to get your niece that you only see twice a year? We can relate. But thankfully, we’ve found some unique ideas right here at the Red Cross.

Sponsor a loved one to take a course.

babysitting course screenshot red cross holiday christmas gift ideas

Have a budding entrepreneur? Send them to a Red Cross babysitting course. How about a new parent? We have first aid/CPR/AED courses that include training for infants in emergencies. Find open courses like these (and more!) in your area.

Pick up an auto first aid kit

first aid kit anatomy red cross holiday christmas gift ideas

You’re here because you don’t want to give another gift card, right? What is more practical and says “I care about you” than a fully stocked first aid kit for your car? Our online store offers several options depending on how your special someone rolls.

Give a radio with weather alerts and phone charger

crank weather radio red cross holiday christmas gift ideas

This is pretty cool. A crank radio gives your gift recipient peace of mind knowing they can receive severe weather updates even when the power is iffy. It also includes a flashlight, cell phone charger and carabiner clip. Bonus arm workout to crank charge it!

Don a Spirit of America sweatshirt

historic red cross poster on sweatshirt red cross holiday christmas gift ideas

Close your eyes and picture the person in your life who loves being cozy and is a big fan of all things historic. Got them? Great. We found the perfect gift! This crewneck sweatshirt has a historic Red Cross poster printed on the front and a “soft, pill-resistant finish.”

Give the gift of life

Blood donation icon red cross holiday christmas gift ideas

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning donating blood or platelets. While this gift may not go directly to someone on your list, rest assured you could help save up to three lives with just one donation. Now there’s a savings we can all appreciate! It may not be your family, but we imagine the loved ones of cancer patients like Caleb are extraordinarily grateful for your generous and lifesaving donation.

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