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Niki Taylor: What World Blood Donor Day Means to Me

By Niki Taylor, Red Cross ambassador and supermodel

June 14 is World Blood Donor Day. I celebrate it every year in honor of blood and platelet donors – modern day superheroes – who volunteer to roll up a sleeve and provide a lifesaving gift for patients they don’t even know.

Sixteen years ago, these superheroes were there for me after a major car accident. In a matter of seconds, my life completely changed. I had severe internal injuries, needed over 41 surgeries (including three in a 24 hour period), and received approximately 100 units of blood. I will always be grateful to the amazing doctors and American Red Cross blood donors who made my recovery possible.

Since the accident, I’ve worked with the Red Cross to raise awareness about the ongoing need for blood and platelet donations. Patients depend on these donations every day. It’s so important to keep a sufficient supply on the shelves, especially during times like summer, when many regular donors are on vacation.

Join my SleevesUp campaign to help save a life

This year, I’m excited to host a virtual blood drive through SleevesUp. Join me or create your own campaign in just a few minutes at redcrossblood.org/SleevesUp. Invite your friends, family, and coworkers to pledge their support for a SleevesUp campaign by making an appointment at a blood drive or donation center convenient for them.

I also love this year’s limited-edition Nexcare™ Bandages “Give Where You Live” collection, celebrating superhero blood donors who make a difference in their community. Leading up to World Blood Donor Day, those who come out to give with the Red Cross June 7-14 will receive a limited-edition Nexcare Give bandage featuring vibrant city-inspired designs reflecting landmarks and locales from around the globe.

Beauty comes from within – and what is more beautiful than the blood and platelet donors who generously give of themselves to help save lives? I wish all of you a happy World Blood Donor Day!

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  1. This is a great campaign and it’s wonderful that people are promoting the importance of saving lives. Thank you for all of your work!

  2. I donated today because I’m celebrating my 1 year survivor anniversary from placenta percreta and uterine rupture. Had people not donated blood I wouldn’t be here to hug my baby girl. Thank you to everyone who donated.
    PS…all I got was a plain jane bandage:(