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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Blood Donation?

You don’t need a special reason to give blood with the American Red Cross as long as you have a reason that is important to you. Whatever the reason, the need for lifesaving blood and platelets is constant. In fact, every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. And your contribution is important for a stable and reliable blood supply.

But before you schedule your appointment to donate blood or platelets, make sure you’re prepared with all of the information you’ll need for a successful donation. You can read more about the donation process as well as eligibility requirements at www.redcrossblood.org. Test your knowledge about blood donation with the quiz below.


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  1. Give, give and give more!!! Today as my son and I were leaving after our donation of platelets, we learned that the Red Cross is something like 1200 units of platelets behind…or a message close to that.
    Really, giving is a great activity to cheer up your insides. You can enjoy the process a lot if you dwell on the kindness and expertise of the phlebotomists. They are conversive, fun to be around and helpful in any situation. It is a great feeling when they successfully poke you and get blood to drain out. Think of how intense they must feel when they do that “painful” procedure and then how relieved they must feel when everything painful and otherwise, they’ve done to you and all they’re maneuvers have been successful!!! Beside that, think of the goodness your donation will bring to an ill person that has been diagnosed with a condition that requires a donor’s blood Simply put, there is so much to be grateful for in blood donations!!

  2. It is a great feeling to give blood or platelets. Having O- blood, I get contacted often and am happy to donate either. I feel needed and valuable because I believe only 13% of people have that type. I also feel important because I was told my blood can be given to babies since I never had a certain virus or something. I enjoy talking with the excellent staff collecting blood and taking information, as well as other donors. I joke that I go for the cheese crackers, juice and cookies but i enjoy it all.

  3. After giving over the years, the last two times i tried to donate my iron count was low, After the last time i went Directly to my Doctor , they drew blood from the same arm, When they got the results back they called and said the was no problem . What now?

  4. I’m a 73 year old RA woman who tries to donate blood as often as I can. Every seven weeks I get an infusion to help me function, so that limits me to give blood to every other month. It is something I feel very strongly about because no one should without this life saving donation.
    Hopefully more people will start doing this act of kindness so people can live a normal healthy life.

    Thank you Red Cross for all you do all over this great nation of ours,

  5. I lost my son in an auto accident on Memorial Day 2017. He received 19 pints of blood and platelets before he died. My family is trying to replace that blood to make it available to someone else so maybe the doctors can save them. Some family members are just new to giving blood. I am working on my third gallon. It makes me feel good when they send a text saying that they just used my blood donation. I challenge you to do the same for someone you know.

  6. OK, so it appears there is no quiz to test your knowledge about blood donation.

  7. Thanks to all at the Red Cross. I’m glad to be donating every 56 days if possible. It’s really neat being a Babby Brigrader with O pos. blood,and at 72 I get a kick out of telling people I’m just an old fart helping out the babbies thru surgery.

  8. My iron was close to the lowest acceptable level and found out that raisins would help. I eat a handful three days before donating and it was 14.3. I’ll do the same next donation and see if it works again. Thanks to Robert at the FootHills Mall , doing a great job as lead person.

  9. Today is 8th may and this day is revolutionary day in red cross society.on this precious day completed American red cross society quiz how much you know donate the blood and get satisfactory result.i am up ircs/st jhons ambulance member and ab+ve blood group.blood donation is very sensitive and essential part in red cross society apart from other red cross activity.since last few year ago my mother get heart attack due to iron deficiency anaemia and relief by blood transfusion.since today she is no more in world but left behind a message obeliged red cross society and participate in each and every red cross society activity either for injured or for disaster to good health and wellbeing.

  10. I was having a conversation with family members yesterday over dinner talking about when the iron sample was taken from the ear and not the finger. Can someone confirm this for me?

  11. Thank you for your question. Yes, years ago blood samples were taken from the ear lobe to determine hemoglobin (a protein in your body that contains iron) levels for donation eligibility. Thank you.