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QUIZ: What Blood Donation Snack Are You?

After your blood donation, what snacks do you gravitate to? Are you drawn to the healthy or indulgent treats at the American Red Cross blood donation canteen?

The top priority of the Red Cross is the health and safety of our blood donors and recipients of blood. So it is important that donors drink plenty of fluids and eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet rich in iron and vitamin C.

Blood contains many substances including: red blood cells (full of iron), white blood cells, plasma and platelets, plus water and various nutrients and minerals. Which is why it is so critical for donors replenish their bodies with post donation snacks and fluids.

Take this quiz to find out which blood donation snack you are and what it says about you.

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  1. Since I had six brothers and sisters, I like most of the Red Cross snacks, and cranberry juice! I usually have one of each of the snacks, w/ a bottle of water to go!

  2. I just took the Donation Snack Survey. As short as it was, I should have joted down some notes. The choices I would have made on a few were not available so there should be a block for “other”. After donating blood or giving platelets I usually want juice and the “Nutter Butter” cookies or something salty. I almost always eat a juicey burger afterwards which helps me feel better, especially after two plus hours giving platelets. I’m glad to help in this way and hope to continue as long as I can.

  3. Pretzels & water are my choice. I watch my sugar and saturated fat intake, so they are the best choice for me, because juices generally have too much concentrated sugar for me, without the fiber. I would also vote for an apple or orange. They do contain natural sugar, but also have the fiber to balance it out.
    Thanks for this opportunity to express my particular needs.

  4. You never Asked my favorite and The choices of answers were not what I would chose!
    And no choice of other, bad survey. Sorry

  5. Since you have shut down the Donner Center here in Klamath Falls, Or. I will not donate on a BUS PERIOD! AS a volunteer for Red Cross @ the Donner center I never worked canteen on the Bus! If you set up a temporary donner site I will donate there, let me know! Otherwise Don’t bother. Sincerely G.V. Ferguson

  6. When I receive an email notice from the Red Cross that my blood was given to someone who needs it, it makes me feel good. I also appreciate that they say in what city, state & medical facility it was used.

  7. Interesting that you should ask about snacks considering that all you offer, in Oakland, CA, is junk food from Nabisco. Actually food is the wrong word. Just junk covers it. The little cans of juice don’t help either. More junk! If we have to have junk food, bring back Keebler. But something more nutritious would be better.

  8. I never found the survey about snacks. I grab a water, sometimes a juice, and usually pretzels

  9. I start with water upon arrival. Then gravitate to the cheese crackers and orange juice after donating blood.

  10. Always drink cranberry juice and a bottle of water before I leave the site. Take a bottle of water with me, too, if I can. The Oreo cookies and Cheese-Its are my favorite choices, because I’m usually hungry after a donation, especially after giving platelets.

  11. hi,
    I’ve never been able to eat any of the snacks or pizza offered at the drive. I have Celiac and every snack offered (yes, every one) has wheat in it, or claims to be “gluten-free” but is processed on the same machines as products containing wheat. That means that the product labeled “gluten-free” could be contaminated.

    That is a chance I cannot take. I have eaten foods labeled as gluten free but is processed on the same machines as products containing wheat. It wasn’t worth 2 months waiting for the food to be completely eliminated from my body.

  12. I always drink my water and usually a cranberry drink. Our blood mobile has hamsalad sandwiches and egg salad which are very good. My favorite snack the Red Cross furnishes is the little Oreo cookies.

  13. I don’t usually eat or drink anything. Typically I’ve just got off work and already had lunch and a break so I just go about my regular scheduled dinner when I get home and make it. And never faint of feel bad so ….I just don’t

  14. In Vietnam the Red Cross ladies brought donuts. I’ve given blood regularly ever since Vietnam and it was donuts and blood. Now it’s candy et al. What happened to the donuts..???

  15. I like to start with hot tea. But you seldom have tea bags, usually I bring my own. Cookies go well with tea. I travel 1 hour each way, so I take a bag of popcorn and a bottle of water with me as I donate at 10AM on /Sunday mornings.

  16. There really are not enough gluten free snacks to choose from after giving blood. I just took the snack quiz and it said I would like cookies, a food that I could not eat after giving blood.

  17. I like the chocolate chip cookies and water. Sit and chill for about 15 minutes to make sure I’m ready to go.

  18. I usually have a cup of coffee, a bottle of water, and a cookie, either Nutter Butter, or oatmeal raisin.

  19. This quiz is a joke. It came up with “cookies” and I am gluten free. I go for the raisins, fruit snacks, juice and water.

  20. Red Cross no longer supplies any snacks for Celiacs. I have to provide my own when I donate. This should be corrected! Popcorn was available in the past, why isn’t it still provided?

  21. Thank you for being a dedicated Red Cross blood donor and for taking the time to reach out with your feedback. The health of all our donors is important to us. The Red Cross strives to provide snacks that accommodate all dietary needs, including those with Celiac by offering raisins and trail mix as gluten free options. At this time, we are working with our vendor to bring popcorn back as an option. On behalf of the patients we serve, thank you again for your lifesaving donations and support of the Red Cross.

  22. I am glad you have included raisins in your snack choices. Raisins are gluten free and that qualifies as my preferred snack since I try to stay away from gluten. I also love the cranberry juice.

  23. I like to take the time after I have donated to treat myself in the canteen. I love the cookies, especially chocolate chip, but I like the raisins, cheezits, and granola bars too. And water, or juice, or soda to wash it down. Whatever suites my fancy that day. And once in a while I get something extra-special on a holiday!

  24. I usually have the cookies…the chocolate chip kind from Famous Amos, my favorite. That and some orange juice and water.

  25. I donate at a church and some of the members bake the tastiest baked goods! I have one of the homemade treats, a juice, cheese crackers and finish off with a water. I have a drink in the car too.

  26. I took the quiz and I do not eat a cookie after my donation. My preference is pretzels. I am on temporary deferral until after 4-23-19 because I traveled out of the USA in a risk exposure to malaria area.

  27. The quiz result suggested that I like granola bars. That is correct. I also enjoy cookies: The Lorna Doone shortbread cookies are my favorite. I don’t care for salty snacks.

    Water is my favorite beverage at the donor recovery and snack table.

    Favorite hobby. None of the above. I like hiking and volunteer trail work. Baking was my choice of those offered, but I do that only occasionally.