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4 Kitchen Mistakes You’re Making


More time at home during the coronavirus pandemic has led to many of us to bake and cook more in the kitchen, from the classic COVID-19 sourdough bread to heating up a frozen meal. With all this cooking, there’s bound to be accidents. Take a look at things you’re doing that may lead to a kitchen fire – the leading cause of home fires in the U.S.

1. Leaving the kitchen while cooking

Walking away from your kitchen while cooking is the top cause of kitchen fires, and it’s so common that nearly 70% of us have done it!* If you need to dip out – like to use the bathroom or answer the door – turn the stove off. Those few seconds you’re gone are just enough for a fire to start.

*According to a 2020 national Red Cross survey.

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2. Placing dishtowels near the stove

That towel you use to wipe your hands while cooking can easily end up a little too close to a hot burner and catch on fire. If you cook on an electric range, it’s important to know that there is a higher risk of cooking fires than when using a gas range.*

*According to the National Fire Protection Association.


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3. Wearing loose clothing

That cute sweater you just bought for fall can also catch on fire if it gets too close to a burner. Make sure to roll up your sleeves before you start cooking.


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4. Frying food on high heat

If you’re frying food and see smoke or the grease start to boil, remove the pan from the stove. You can also use a pan lid or cookie sheet to put out a pan fire. Use the sheet to cover the pan and leave it on top until the pan is completely cooled.

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To help stay safe from home fires, test your smoke alarms monthly and practice your escape plan. Everyone in your household should be able to get out in less than two minutes.

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For more safety tips and to learn how the Red Cross helps people affected by home fires, visit redcross.org/homefires.


The Red Cross Home Fire Campaign is made possible with a generous financial donation from our national partner Lowe’s.