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Satirical Fodder, Yet Again (Hi ClickHole!)

You have just one day to meet our goal to fill the Grand Canyon with blood! At least, that’s what ClickHole wants you to think.

A satirical website (count it in the same vein as our beloved The Onion) has yet again focused on the American Red Cross, and what a worthy cause they chose! Oh yes, we see you ClickHole. We see you.

Our biomed messaging isn’t typically clickbait material, but we’re happy to play along! While we haven’t made the call for blood donors to donate “5.45 trillion cubic yards of bodily fluid,” we do say that the need is constant and the gratification is instant.

But seriously — Donate blood. One donation can help save up to three lives. See if you’re eligible, find a drive, or start a SleevesUp campaign all on redcrossblood.org.


Image courtesy of ClickHole.com and Microsoft Windows’ Paint.